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  • Electric Cooperative

    A Texas electric cooperative wasn’t meeting the needs of a mostly non-desk employee population spread across 400 miles. The result was a program with digitally accessible content designed to meet both the needs of the organization and the wants of the participants.

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    The Hustle Cycle is a Mogwai (so Beware the Gremlin)

    The hustle cycle starts with the best of intentions. It doesn’t take long before it spirals out of control. The more you feed into it, the worse it gets exponentially. Nourish your health, not the spiral of the hustle cycle.

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    Health Coaching

    1:1 Digital Health Coach Consultation

    Thank you for your interest in a Health Coaching session! In order to make the most of our time, when booking, please provide some information on what you would like to specifically discuss during our 45-minute session. I look forward to meeting with you!

    Multi-Week Training Guides

    6-Week Focus on Managing Your Stress

    Stress is inevitable, but it can be managed. Each week of this 6-week program features a video, and accompanying materials designed to not just educate, but to help you identify your stressors, your stress symptoms, and to develop approaches to help you stress less.

    Multi-Week Training Guides

    8-Week Couch to 5K Running Guide

    Package includes:

    • Weekly Instructional Video
    • Weekly 7-Day Running & Exercise Guide
    • Dynamic Stretching Guide
    • Pre-Run Warmup Guide
    • Food as Fuel Guide

    Multi-Week Training Guides

    8-Week Strength Training Guide

    This 8-week package includes:

    • 8 Instructional Videos
    • Weekly Exercise Guide - Each week builds upon the previous week (Includes modifications)
    • Dynamic Stretching Guide
    • Smart Snacker Guide
    • Home Gym Guide

    Quick Courses: Fitness

    Building Core Strength

    More than just your abs, your core is essential for walking, standing, even sitting! Learn why your core is key, and build your core strength with the exercises featured in this module. (Includes modifications)

    Quick Courses: Fitness

    Introduction to Strength Training

    Strength training does not just mean breaking out the weights and bulking up. Incorporating strength training into your fitness routine will also help you maintain or attain your weight goals, as well as prevent injury. Learn the importance of strength training, as well as a simple, do-anywhere strength workout. (Includes modifications)

    Quick Courses: Healthy Lifestyle

    Breathe Easy - Breathing Guide

    Breathing is natural, but believe it or not, we rarely do it correctly. Proper breathing is especially beneficial for stress relief and helping us to sleep. We cover three tried-and-true breathing techniques in this free guide.

    Quick Courses: Healthy Lifestyle

    Maintaining Healthy Habits

    Maintain healthy habits during stressful or busy times with the information learned in this module. Plus - an easy, no gym necessary workout that can be done from anywhere.

    Quick Courses: Healthy Lifestyle

    Self Defense Basics

    Learn five basic self defense moves, and more importantly, how to avoid situations that require them in this FREE module.

    Quick Courses: Food

    Body Types & Macro Tracking

    Every body is different, and each body type has different nutrient needs. Learn which body type category your body is most like, the macronutrient needs for that type, and the best way to track your macros in this module.

    Quick Courses: Food

    Build a Balance Plate

    Learn the building blocks of your diet, the basics of a balanced plate, and an easy way to for everyone to quickly identify the proper portion.

    This Quick Course includes:

    • Informational Video
    • Portion Size Guide
    • Balanced Plate Guide - FREE

    Quick Courses: Food

    Dining out W/A Healthy Lifestyle in Mind

    Dining out, grabbing takeout from your favorite restaurant - even fast food - can be done with a healthy lifestyle in mind. Treat yourself to a meal that doesn't go against your goals with the tips learned in this module.

    Quick Courses: Food

    Emotional Eating (And How to Avoid It)

    Stress eating, mindless eating, or emotional eating - whatever you call it, it means the same thing. Learn how to identify your triggers, as well as tips to become a more mindful eater.

    Quick Courses: Food

    Understanding Fats & Oils

    Learn the important role fats play in our diets, which fats are best for our health, and which are best for cooking.

    Quick Courses: Food

    Understanding the Food Label & Making Over Your Pantry

    Understand how to confidently read a food label and stock your pantry with better for you foods - and how to stock it so that those better for you foods are the first ones you see!

    Quick Courses: Food

    Meal Planning Made Simp

    Learn the essentials of meal planning, as well as tips and tricks for ongoing success. In addition to an informational video, this module Includes a meal planning template and herbs & spices guide.

    The materials included on this site serve as a guide to help you reach your own health and wellness goals through implementing incremental, positive, sustainable lifestyle changes and are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice. We always advise you speak with your physician before implementing any food or fitness changes to your regimen.