Electric Cooperative

A Texas electric cooperative had the bones of a health and wellness incentive program in place, but it wasn’t meeting the needs of a mostly non-desk employee population spread across 400 miles.

Enter SCG – we started by surveying all eligible participants (both employees and spouses) to get an idea of their interests and wants and combined that with recent claims data. The result was a program with digitally accessible content – a mix of informational videos, multi-week workout plans, and recipes – specifically designed to meet both the needs of the organization, and the wants of the participants. A printed program guide was mailed to all homes, followed by monthly home mailers and staff meetings so that all employees and spouses were in the loop, and up to date.

About Shannon Hernandez

Shannon is a gifted communication and marketing strategist who has created game-changing initiatives that facilitated organizational and personal growth for some of Texas' most beloved brands.